Carilu Dietrich

Former CMO at Atlassian, Hypergrowth Advisor
Carilu Dietrich is recognized for her pivotal role as the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) at Atlassian, where she spearheaded the marketing strategies that helped take the company public. With a vast experience in B2B SaaS, Dietrich has contributed her expertise to CEOs and CMOs of hypergrowth companies, assisting in navigating the complexities of market expansion and strategic branding. Her advisory work spans across reputable companies, including Miro, Segment,, 1Password, Productboard, Sprout Social, Weights & Biases, among others. Prior to...

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Strategies for Product-Led Growth

1. Foundations of Product-Led Growth
2. Strategies for Customer-Centric Growth
3. Advanced Tactics and Company-Wide Impact