Chris Mason

Professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, Author
Christopher E. Mason is a professor at Weill Cornell Medicine, holding positions in Genomics, Physiology, and Biophysics. Additionally, he serves as one of the founding Directors of the WorldQuant Initiative for Quantitative Prediction. Mason has authored influential works, including "The Next 500 Years: Engineering Life to Reach New Worlds" and co-authored "The Age of Prediction: Algorithms, AI, and the Shifting Shadows of Risk." Beyond his academic contributions, Mason has co-founded four biotechnology startup companies, namely Onegevity Health, Biotia, BridgeOmics, and...

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Exploring Humanity, AI, and Existence

1. Humanity's Unique Place in the Cosmos
2. Ethical Duties to Our Planet and Future
3. Humanity's Resilience and Survival
4. AI as Humanity's Future Guardian
5. Understanding AI and Quantum Computing
6. Redefining Life: AI and Beyond
7. Contemplating Existence and Non-Existence