David Hoffman

Co-Founder of Bankless
David Hoffman is the co-founder of Bankless, a multifaceted platform comprising a content studio, newsletter, podcast, and YouTube channel dedicated to educating individuals on living without reliance on traditional banking systems. He is a beacon in the Web3 and crypto communities, advocating for decentralization and the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Prior to Bankless, Hoffman served as the COO of RealT, the pioneering platform in tokenized real estate, and co-hosted POV Crypto, a podcast focused on nuanced crypto discussions. His...

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Exploring Crypto: Markets, Tokens, and Society

1. Decentralization and Blockchain Fundamentals
2. Crypto Market Dynamics
3. Investment Strategies in Crypto
4. Tokens and Points in Crypto Projects
5. Societal Implications of Crypto
6. Individual Responsibility in Crypto