Ethan Evans

Retired Amazon VP & Executive Coach
Ethan Evans is a retired Amazon Vice President turned executive coach, speaker, and course instructor specializing in leadership, public speaking, and career growth. Through his tenure at Amazon, he contributed significantly to the invention of Prime Video, Amazon Video, the Amazon Appstore, Prime Gaming (formerly Twitch Prime), and Twitch Commerce. Holding over 70 patents, he led global teams of more than 800 personnel. Besides his corporate achievements, Evans is noted for conducting over 2,500 interviews and reviewing more than 10,000...

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Exploring Leadership and Ownership

1. Foundations of Ownership in Leadership
2. Diverse Perspectives in Leadership
3. Decision-Making and Personal Growth
4. Cultivating Leadership Qualities
5. Team Dynamics and Trust
6. Leadership Lessons from Amazon
7. Insights from Elon Musk's Leadership
8. Engaging with Executives
9. Executive Leadership and Its Challenges