Heidi Helfand

Author of 'Dynamic Reteaming', Team Change Expert
Heidi Helfand is the author of 'Dynamic Reteaming', a book offering practical strategies for effective team and organizational changes. She has gained recognition for her work in the tech industry, particularly for her experiences at AppFolio, Procore, and Expertcity/GoToMeeting. Through her book, Heidi aims to help engineering leaders catalyze team change to reduce risks such as attrition, knowledge silo development, and learning and career stagnation. Besides authoring, she conducts workshops, courses, and offers consultative services to foster high-performing teams and...

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Team Dynamics and Growth in Startups

1. Navigating Team Evolution in Startups
2. Strategies for Team Efficiency and Unity
3. Enhancing Employee Fulfillment and Satisfaction