Joscha Bach

AI Research and Cognitive Science
Joscha Bach (born 1973 in Weimar, East Germany) is a German artificial intelligence researcher, cognitive scientist, and philosopher who focuses on cognitive architectures, mental representation, emotion, social modeling, and multi-agent systems. He grew up in East Germany and pursued his education in cognitive science, obtaining a Ph.D. from Osnabrück University in 2006. Bach's work has included a stint as a visiting researcher at the MIT Media Lab and Harvard Program for Evolutionary Dynamics. He has held positions at AI Foundation...

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Exploring AI: Models, Ethics, and Evolution

1. Foundations of AI Models
2. Philosophical and Societal AI
3. Simulating the Human Brain
4. Games, Technology, and Society
5. Evolution of AI Learning Systems
6. AI, Language, and Consciousness
7. Progress and Challenges in AI