Justin Drake

Ethereum Foundation Researcher
Justin Drake is a prominent Ethereum researcher, known for coordinating and guiding the work of Ethereum developers globally. Based in Cambridge, U.K., his contributions to the Ethereum ecosystem focus on major advancements such as EIP-1559, which introduced a fee burning mechanism to Ethereum, potentially making ETH deflationary. Furthermore, Drake has contributed to critical discussions surrounding Ethereum's scalability and its transition from Proof of Work to Proof of Stake, dubbed 'The Merge'. His work has been essential in exploring the potential...

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Ethereum's Security and Censorship Resistance

1. Ethereum's Censorship Resistance and Security
2. Defending Ethereum: Diversity and Recovery
3. Ethereum's Evolution: Infrastructure and L2s
4. Staking Dynamics in Ethereum's Network
5. Validators and MEV in Ethereum