Kai Lenny

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Kai Lenny, born October 8, 1992, is an American professional big wave surfer, stand-up paddle (SUP) surfer and racer, surfer, tow-in surfer, windsurfer, kitesurfer, wing foiler, and water sports enthusiast from Maui. An eight-time stand-up paddleboarding champion, Lenny first made waves by winning the world's first Stand Up World Tour in 2010 at 18. He also conquered Maui's biggest swell in 15 years across multiple water sports disciplines in a single day. Lenny's contributions to water sports have made him...

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Surfing: Life Lessons and Innovations

1. Surfing as a Metaphor for Life
2. Innovation in Surfing
3. Surfing and Ecosystem Interactions
4. Universal Lessons from Personal Challenges