Keith Rabois

Managing Director at Khosla Ventures and CEO at OpenStore
Keith Rabois is an entrepreneur and investor. Keith began his career in the industry as a senior executive at PayPal and subsequently served in influential roles at LinkedIn and as chief operating officer of Square. He led the first institutional investments in DoorDash, Affirm. During his venture career he also led investments in Faire, Ramp, Trade Republic, and Stripe. Earlier in his career, Keith was a litigator at the preeminent Wall Street law firm Sullivan and Cromwell, after clerking for...

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Strategies for Startup and Company Success

1. Identifying and Nurturing Startup Talent
2. Cultivating a Strong Company Culture
3. Leadership and Attention to Detail
4. Success Through People and Skills
5. Lessons from PayPal and Square
6. Scaling Operations with 'Barrels'