Marc Andreessen

Co-founder of Netscape and a16z
Marc Andreessen is a prominent American entrepreneur, investor, and software engineer known for his key role in the development of the Mosaic web browser, which significantly contributed to the popularization of the Internet. Born in 1971 in Cedar Falls, Iowa, he co-founded Netscape Communications Corporation, which pioneered early web browsing technology. After Netscape, Andreessen co-founded the influential venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz, also known as a16z, which has backed many successful startups across multiple technology sectors. Highly regarded in the...

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AI, Ethics, and Global Impact

1. AI's Impact and Ethical Considerations
2. AI Ethics and Global Dynamics
3. The Role of Models and Experts
4. Technology as Human Augmentation
5. Technology, Morality, and Geopolitics