Nic Carter

Venture Capitalist & Crypto Analyst
Nic Carter is a venture capitalist, internet entrepreneur, writer, and prominent Bitcoin advocate. He co-founded Castle Island Ventures, a venture capital firm focusing on public blockchains, and Coin Metrics, a leading provider of crypto financial intelligence. Carter has an undergraduate degree in philosophy from the University of St Andrews and an MSc in Finance from the University of Edinburgh. His writings appear in notable publications such as Coindesk, The Block, Harvard Business Review, New York Magazine, and Bankless. Carter is...

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Exploring Bitcoin's Evolution and Impact

1. Understanding Bitcoin's Core Principles
2. Bitcoin's Technological and Political Tensions
3. Bitcoin's Cultural Impact and Vision
4. Bitcoin vs. Gold: Monetary Strategies
5. Bitcoin's Market Dynamics and Policy Relevance
6. Bitcoin Adoption and Scalability
7. Beyond Bitcoin: The Rise of NFTs