Sheel Mohnot

Fintech Investor and BTV Co-Founder
Sheel Mohnot is a fintech investor and entrepreneur notable for co-founding and leading Better Tomorrow Ventures (BTV), a venture capital fund focusing on seed-stage fintech companies globally. His entrepreneurial journey includes founding two fintech companies, both of which achieved successful exits. Before his venture into BTV, Mohnot was a General Partner at 500 Fintech, adding significant value with his expertise. Throughout his career, Sheel has been instrumental in backing pioneering startups like Mercury, Flexport, Ramp, and Hippo Insurance, displaying a...

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Fundraising and Investment Fund Dynamics

1. Fund Management Essentials
2. Fundraising Strategies and Challenges
3. Overcoming Fundraising Hurdles
4. Sector-Specific Investment Opportunities