Shreyas Doshi

Product Management Educator & Mentor
Shreyas Doshi is a product management expert and educator known for his online PM career management course offered on Maven. He has considerable experience in product management, having worked with major tech companies such as Stripe, Twitter, Google, and Yahoo. Doshi shares his insights on product strategy, psychology, leadership, and career development through his YouTube channel, where he educates and mentors emerging product managers. His work focuses on equipping individuals with tools, techniques, and insights to navigate their careers in...

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Strategies for Career and Personal Growth

1. Mastering Personal Development
2. Boosting Productivity and Creativity
3. Leadership Through Delegation
4. The Power of Presence
5. Effective Communication in Meetings
6. Career Coaching and Advising
7. Career Path Reflections
8. Navigating Career and Credibility
9. Workplace Dynamics
10. Networking Strategy
11. Leadership and Personal Growth